If you have an innovative business idea or just have a desire to start a business, you have an unique opportunity to participate in the Startup Marani project, which will help you realize your idea or business plan. The project includes entrepreneur and investor meetings behind closed doors. Every month, one startup meeting will be organized which will only be attended by those investors who are interested in a specific business idea. At the end of the year, there will be a bigger event, where 11 startup ideas will be presented and one winner will have the opportunity to travel to Berlin or Kiev and present their business idea to foreign investors.

Before ideas will be presented to investors, they go through a preparatory period. Within the project, participants take different training and they get individual consultations from their mentors.

What kind of ideas are acceptable?

Any ideas from any field are acceptable. Startup Marani’s team advice to participants is to unite different industries and think globally to create an innovative idea. Every participant has the right to provide, process, and prepare an idea for presentation. Each participant will be supported by our team. If you don’t have your own idea, but you have a desire to start your own business, we can offer ideas and you can choose the one that you like the best, process it, and present it to investors.

A week after the annual event, investors will be able to contact selected participants and start negotiations on funding. The ideas that will not get funding will be uploaded on our website, www.startupmarani.ge, upon participants’ confirmation, under the category “For Investors,” where registered investors will have an opportunity to check business ideas and contact the author of the idea.

In addition, the authors of the best business ideas will be able to participate in similar projects in other countries and get necessary funding.

StartUp Marani will be the owner of a 10% share of the startup that will get funding from investors.

So if you really want to realize your business idea, complete the application form for entrepreneurs and get the opportunity to become a participant in the next event!