Do you want to invest your money in an innovative business idea? Do you want to meet entrepreneurs who have already processed business ideas? The Startup Marani project gives you this unique opportunity. The project aim is to create a bridge between entrepreneurs and investors, which will connect them and foster the development of innovative ideas.

Based on applications that will be received daily, entrepreneurs will be selected. They will process their ideas thoroughly, attend trainings, get consultations from mentors, and prepare presentations for investors. Based on prepared presentations, the final participants will be selected. Each entrepreneur will have 5 to 7 minutes to present their ideas.

A week after the event, investors will have an opportunity to contact selected participants and start negotiations on funding. Except registered investors, the event will be attended by invited investors from different fields. If you have the desire to attend the event as an investor, please complete the application on the homepage of the website. Registered investors will have access to those ideas that did not get funding. If you would like to have access to ideas, please complete the application for Business Ideas. Those ideas that will not get funding will be uploaded on our website, upon participants’ confirmation, where investors will be able to check them and contact authors.[:]